What Does the Tesla Model 3 Mean For Your Store?

Written by Jason Unrau
on 22nd June 2019

What Does Tesla’s Model 3 Mean For Your Store?

It’s all over the news and automotive marketplace right now. Tesla, the widely recognized leader in electric car technology, unveiled their Tesla Model 3 yesterday, March 31. It boasts incredible range for an electric car while bringing electric car technology into a much more realistic price range for the general public.

Just a few points about the Tesla Model 3 that get me hot and bothered:
• Zero to sixty miles per hour in six seconds without burning a drop of gasoline.
• Innovative, sleek, and sexy design that screams modern yet classy.
• An astounding range of 215 miles on a single charge meaning this is finally a car you can drive longer than your morning commute.

What does the Tesla announcement mean for you?

Here’s the thing: Tesla breaks down barriers. The company as a whole doesn’t conform to the structure we expect an automotive manufacturer to adhere to. Tesla sells their product direct to the consumer without the need for a storefront, develops pioneering technology for the industry, and … here’s the biggest thing … LISTENS TO WHAT THEIR CUSTOMERS WANT.

If you try to tell your customers what they want, you might succeed at selling. When, instead of trying to convince your clients what they want, you hear what their needs are and actually develop a product or business model that suits them, you’ll flourish far beyond even your own expectations.

Apply this to your own store. Are you selling to your customers, or are you offering your customers products and services that are based on their needs? If you’re in the sales industry, that means you may not sell your customer the car with the biggest spiff, but your customer will drive away with a car that fits their lifestyle best. If you’re in service, that means you may not sell your customer every fluid flush under the sun, but that service customer will be yours for life.

Tesla listened to what their customers wanted – an efficient electric car that could comfortably carry more than two adults and could last a whole day’s worth of driving on a single charge.

Here’s your homework: Find out what your customers want and need.

Don’t know how to determine what your customers want? Shoot me a message and I can make suggestions for your particular situation.

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