The Automotive Copywriter 

The Automotive Copywriter 

The automotive industry is booming.  Cars are becoming more technological, with introductions of features like onboard 4G LTE wifi and adaptive cruise control.  Dealerships are morphing into mega-stores with multi-franchise sales.  The online world is growing in leaps and bounds.


Blog Articles

Give your customers informative, relevant, and entertaining content to consume on your website blog. 

SEO Strategy

Help your website rank highly through keyword-rich content on landing pages, articles, that readers find valuable.


Information architecture

Create a logical flow to articles, publications, and online content to maximize readership that eliminates TL;DR.

Content Strategy

Establish an intentional multimedia strategy to produce, release, and market to your clientele.

Product Reviews

Develop inspiring, informative product reviews for the automotive industry, whether for vehicles, software, or services.

Creative Copywriting

Catch your reader’s attention with creative writing with a Call to Action that compels a response.


Active Clients

Written Articles

Cups of Coffee

Oil changes and tune-ups, transmission services and timing belt replacement – that’s where dealerships and service centers get their bread-and-butter income. How well do you attract new clientele, and what do you do to retain your current customers? Tricky streets to navigate, to say the least…

What Does It Mean for You?

I’m here to make your business better!  My writing skills and creativity are going to draw potential clients in, all with the intent to make you more successful. Every word makes a difference in your copy. Is there a way to make it more appealing to the reader, to command a response from a customer, or educate your clients just a little bit better? That communication is how I can help you.

Whether it is maintaining your blog, writing your email auto-responders, or composing a stimulating sales letter, you can count on The Automotive Copywriter.

Make Your Content a Priority.

I certainly will.

Increase Conversion Rates

It’s not up for debate. Your content must convert the reader. I provide thought-provoking writing and consulting services to help automotive clients convert more readers into leads, and more leads into sales.  

Reduce Bounce Rate

Does your bounce rate leave much to be desired? Top-quality content – a little or a lot – does wonders in keeping prospective customers on your page.  

Drive More Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is fundamentally important to help your customers find you organically. Well-planned keyword research and SEO-optimized content won’t hurt – it’ll certainly help. 

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Jason is resourceful. I give him a little information and he’s able to do a lot with it. Highly prolific, he seems to be a one-man team churning out assignment after assignment without delay. Jason has a writing style that captures his reader's attention. His copy is direct and informative while also being light-hearted and relatable. His valuable experience in the automotive industry imbues every blog post with an air of authority and expertise.
If copywriters had an Uber rating, I’d give Jason 5 stars.

Kevin McElligott,  Content Manager @ Canada Drives

Jason is an absolute rockstar when it comes to communicating effectively, setting expectations, diving into the project and delivering a great result. With little to no direction, he was able to take my creative brief and deliver content that was in line with my own writing. It's clear that he understands the automotive industry and is a pleasure to work with. I plan to hire him for my future projects and would recommend that you do as well.

Averi Melcher, Sr. Content Manager @ Writing by Averi

Jason completes work professionally and in a timely manner, accepting all work and communicates well. Pleasure to work with!

Denise Perez, SEO Coordinator @ Search Optics

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